Micah and I Backpacking

Backpacking with my husband in TN

I have been living gluten free since October 2010, and it has been a journey of living well with some dietary limits and a lot more home cookin’. Before I became gluten-free, I used Weight Watchers to lose over 80 lbs.

As I was nearing my weight-loss goal, I realized that my blood sugar was all over the place while I ate 100 calorie packs, Fat Free Turkey Slices, and carrot sticks for lunch each day.  It has been a long road, but eating gluten-free and traditional foods with lots of healthy fats, has helped me fight inflammation and “hangry” mood swings.

REAL before and after

Our Urban Homestead
I married my husband in June 2013. We are newlyweds, and it is awesome. I met my husband hiking with a club in Nashville, and on our hike he had me at “Do you know who Weston A. Price is?” We love being outside and backpacking. My husband proposed to me while we were backpacking! We live on a one-acre lot, and are slowly developing a self-sufficient food system for ourselves and hopefully our family in the future. We also love to experiment with fermenting our foods and local foods in our kitchen.

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I just changed careers in Summer 2013 from a public school Spanish teacher to working at a Waldorf School. I just started, but I am loving the transition already. I’m hoping it will also relieve some stress from my life. I  plan and cook meals so that I don’t have a blood-sugar meltdown with my students. I believe students should have a choice in how they pursue their education, and I think that allowing for and following individual student curiosity to teach them is the only way to truly educate. I started my teaching career in Early Education, and I advocate for strong early childhood education and health.

Goats and Ellen in Field

I want my own goats one day!

I want to share nutritious and scrumptious gluten-free real foods, tips for being an advocate for your child in education, and to share our ups and down on our urban homestead. I am not an expert. I always want to learn more, and enjoy learning from others as well.

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